Monday, November 11, 2013

To Report

November 11, 2013
Angamos, Chile (Elder Ramirez)

To Report

Well this week I spent pretty much all my time rehearsing with the different Stake Choirs for whom I was going to play at the conference this weekend. So the big days come and no General Authority shows up. Needless to say we were all pretty disappointed. The conference was very good though. All three members of the Stake Presidency talked all about supporting missionary work and getting involved. Seeing as all three of them live in my sector I am thinking about visiting them this week and making them put their money where their mouth is. But we will see.

(There had been speculation one of the General Authorities was going to show up)

Gunnar & Ramirez

I am really hoping for a transfer. I am getting burned out in this sector, the district, the zone, the city, everything. I love Angamos for the members but success is so hard to find here. The district is so frustrating, the zone is almost worse, and I have been in Antofagasta for forever!! Last night the Zone Leader talked to me for 40 minutes about the district. He said we need more unity and that it all starts with Hermana ** and me. He then said "Think about it man, you have AT LEAST 9 more weeks there with her": WHAT!?!?!? You sound awfully sure about that Elder Packard. I swear if I get the call telling me that I am staying I am going to tell Elder Newman that that is great but I have already bought my ticket to far away from here. Sigh . . .

(Six months is forever when you are 20. I told him to look forward to being in the same job for ten years.)

My eyes are much better and as far as I know Elder Couch is still here in the mission, for now. I will see him again at Zone Conference Wednesday. Living in the pension with me are Elder ** and his companion **. 

(These are follow ups to last week’s letter)

Well I am not quite sure what else to say, it was a really boring week. I filled a memory card for my camera and I have moved on to another one so that is good. I feel like I am good for Ramirez in the sense that I always talk about my dreams and all the big plans that I have for my life and he is simply blown away by the fact that someone is that decided on what they want to do and what they want to be. He told me he always just thought about getting married and working a normal job and that is it. Not me. If the mission has taught me anything it is that I want to be someone. Not sure who yet but someone. Still working on the details. Well I should be here for a little while if you are around.


Elder Peters

(We have definitely hit those long middle days of the mission. He is slightly over halfway done but still has almost a year left. He is in the mood for a transfer and is getting a little stir crazy. He just needs to ride that wave for a little bit longer and then he will have a new area and then it will be under six months left to go. And as he cruises down the back end hill the speed at which his mission will pass will just keep getting faster. Right now he has been out forever and he has forever to go; hence the slight doldrums expressed in his letters. A perfectly normal phenomenon.)

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