Monday, November 18, 2013

I want SOOO badly to believe the rumor mill

November 18, 2013
Angamos, Chile (elder Ramirez)

I want SOOO badly to believe the rumor mill

(This week’s letter opens up with a discussion I was having with Gunnar about last week’s friendly football game between England and Chile. I let him know it was his fault England lost because he abandoned his heritage and cheered for Chile. So you are getting a paragraph of football talk.)

CHI-CHI-CHI LE-LE-LE CHILE! CHILE! CHILE! Haha, well I did not actually see the game we got into a house right as it was finishing and heard the final score. I was pretty surprised by it to be honest. 2-0, I mean Chile is a good team, but come on, it is England. Yeah the celebration was good but people are way more excited about the amistoso with Brasil tomorrow. They are saying that one will be the real test, so we will see what happens. Chile also plays Germany here in a couple weeks.

(amistoso is Spanish for friendly. A friendly is an international match used for preparation for a large tournament. So the game means nothing (beyond national pride) is it doesn’t count towards anything. So Chile and England have both qualified for the next world cup and then scheduled a game with each other to get ready for the tournament. Also Gunnar is spelling Brazil the Spanish way too.)

So the rumor mill is running like crazy and the biggest one is that President finished the transfers 2 weeks ago because he wanted to spend time with his son who just got back from his mission. So if that is true that would be crazy. The most powerful rumor is that I am on my way back to Calama to be with a Chilean named Elder Spolman. The second most popular is that I will head to Arica Centro to be with Elder McConkie. But I do not have a lot of hope because all of the North American missionaries that are done this next transfer finish two weeks early so there is going to be a big special transfer on New Years day, so we will see what happens. I need to do something to excite me about the work here in Angamos. I am so restless here, looking for a new perspective and change of area. At most 6 weeks more, but that is a lot of weeks. Oh I want to believe the rumor mill that I am out of here in two weeks.

(Even though he is ready for a change I think he might enjoy Christmas in a ward that knows him)
I love this picture, not only the very pretty girl he is next to, but also the nonplussed girl to the left

So on Wednesday we had the most over-hyped and anti-climatic zone conference ever. Three weeks ago I ran into Elder Jimenez of the Seventy on the street and he told me about a conference that we were going to have with Elder Soares and Elder Zeballos. I started calling around to see if anyone else had heard about this and no one had. Congleton called me and asked if I had heard any interesting rumors lately and I told him about the conference. Well turned out to be true and I was informed that I was not to tell anyone because it was only going to be Antofa, Calama and the ZLs and that no one else was going to be able to come. It was so under wraps that my comp and I were the only elders outside of the office that even knew it was going to happen until the day before. Well the conference comes and . . . not as exciting as the build up . . . it was two hours in which they squeezed in prayers, hymns, Sister Dalton, President Dalton, Sister Zeballos, Elder Zeballos, Sister Soares, and Elder Soares. Then they left. Apparently they were only here for a short meeting the night before and President Dalton was able to convince them to do this short conference before they had to catch their plane. The good thing was that Elder Couch stayed with me the night before so that was really fun.

(His complaint was the speakers did not have enough time to really speak; they were all cut short to get everyone in the 2 hour block. Think about this – Gunnar was disappointed that a church meeting was over too fast. He’s changed.)

Today we had a district activity to go play beach volleyball. It was pretty fun, still do not really like volleyball but whatever. I also bought some shoes, have not really used them yet seeing as my other shoes still work alright. Very difficult to find size 47 here in Chile.

(Size 47 equals size 13 here in America. Not a lot of size 13’s in Chile.)

 When I say Gunnar is a District Leader, these are the missionaries he is responsible for, the district.

Well I love you all! Should be here for a little while longer.
Elder Peters

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