Monday, November 4, 2013

My Eyes are Burning

November 4, 2013
Angamos, Chile (Elder Ramirez)

My Eyes are Burning

Well the big news from this week is that I am fairly certain I burned my eyes. All weekend I have had incredible amounts of irritation in my eyes and it looks like I am constantly on the verge of tears. They are very uncomfortable and are making it hard to sleep, read, etc. My vision is not effected but it is just very difficult to keep them open and to read things. I spoke with the mission doctor today and he bought me some eye drops and says that in 5 days I should be fine. It has been very uncomfortable.
Today I went with Elders Newman and Congleton to go pick up Elders McCusker and Couch at the bus terminal. Apparently Couch is having some major issues with his back and that being home for Christmas is not out of the question for him. It sucks pretty bad, I mean he is my kid. Him going home would suck for him, for me. It would just suck. It was really, really good to see him again and McCusker, obviously, but I really hope everything is going to be alright. 

(Gunnar trained Elder Couch in Tocopilla)

BTW, the other AP (Elder Villarroel), cannot drive. Neither could Hertler when he was AP. So not impossible, the other one just has to be able to drive. Not really worried about that though.

(I was giving Gunnar a hard time that he could never be AP as he doesn't have a driver’s license)

Arica has 3 Zones, Iquique is split into 2 Zones with Alto Hospicio as another zone (The two cities are a 5 minute bus ride apart), Calama is a zone, Antofagasta is 3 zones, Chañaral is a zone that is basically a combination of small towns. Then Copiapo is 2 zones and Vallenar is 1. I would very much like to go to Arica but I could live without going to the South. The North is just way cooler. I miss the north of the mission just from my time here in Antofagasta.

(I think Gunnar just guaranteed he will be going to Vallenar this next transfer)

My companion stresses out a lot, especially when he makes a mistake. He seems to believe that the only way he can be happy is by being completely obedient at all times and that if he makes one mistake he loses it. I am working on it and he always tells me that he feels really good as my companion and is excited. Between my eyes and a pretty bad lactose reaction I had it was a pretty slow week and I could tell he was not feeling it. 

(Missionary work is a lot more than talking to people about the church)

Gunnar & Elder Couch

It is funny. All through the mission we meet Chilean high schoolers who all they do all day is play soccer and that is all they want to do with their lives. They have no future plans, no other thoughts, just soccer. They are somewhat few and far between but every missionary has met a few.

(I see that in the states with kids who just want to play a sport and their whole life plan is based on that. Or my favorite, they are going to be a video game designer so that is their excuse to play video games all day.)

Elder Ramirez

Well people are getting ready here and pumped for the Chile-England game. All very excited. We are getting ready for stake conference this weekend and the rumor is that either Elder Holland or Elder Christofferson will be at the Antofagasta Stake Conference but I will believe it when I see it.

(Both Elder Holland and Christofferson are members of the 12 Apostles. Elder Holland actually lived in Chile for several years.)

Love you,
Elder Peters


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