Monday, September 23, 2013

18 de Septiembre

September 23, 2013
Angamos, Chile (Elder Said)

18 de Septiembre

(September 18th is Chilean Independence Day and the whole country celebrates for a week solid. That means parties all week long and most businesses are shut down for the entire week so everyone can go to the parties. It is really hard to get any missionary work done because everyone is just focused on the celebration. So while they do what they can, it is a very slow week for missionaries. And FWIW, this letter is delayed this week because Gunnar’s Grandfather had his appendix out on Monday [in town here], we had the sewer back up in our bathroom on Monday, and I threw my back out on Monday too. So a very full day and his letter got put aside.)

Well a lot of exciting stuff happened this week so I am going to start with Tuesday. Tuesday was basically just another p-day but we did not really have anything to do. Eventually we just ended up walking to the office along the coast talking and just chilling. We chilled in the office for a little bit before we headed back to the house. As we were walking along the coast we noticed some large crabs down on the rocks. I told Hamblin that I wanted to catch one. He kind of thought that I was joking. But then I jumped down on to the rocks and he asked "Do you really want to get this weird?" to which the answer was obviously yes! So after fighting for about a half-hour we were finally able to catch a decently sized crab. So we bring the crab home, boil it, and then we eat it. It was actually really good, a lot more meat then I thought it would have. Really good stuff. Tuesday night we go and play some basketball at these courts down by the beach and there were fireworks and everything. So that was really cool.

Wednesday we had district meeting and it was the first tag-team district meeting that Hamblin and I are going to have. The assistants were there and it was all chill and everything. During the district meeting Hermana C tells me that she invited President to our September 18th lunch that we had planned with a family here. Wow . . . We were invited to like 4 different places so out of pity we invited them to one of our lunches. Then they go ahead and invite President Dalton . . . cool. So we had a good lunch, tons of food, tons of meat and it was fine with President and everything. We were there eating the majority of the day.

Thursday we had to go sing at this funeral service in the stake center here. We were hungry so we decided to walk back through centro (the downtown) to see if something was open. We finally find this place and it is really, really good. Now there is a bottle with chili sauce in it and I want it. But it is not coming out of the bottle. So I squeeze a little bit harder and KABOOM. The bottle exploded and all four of us are covered in chili sauce. Also all the walls and chairs anywhere near us are also covered. So that was pretty exciting. 

Friday and Sunday night we had an open-house in our chapel with the entire zone because the big Independence day fair was taking place right outside of our chapel. We would invite people in to watch a short video and then share pamphlets and what not. It worked our pretty well and we probably had about 40 people come in each day.
So that was my week for the most part. Very interesting haha. 

Love you guys!

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