Monday, September 16, 2013

Way Better

September 16, 2013
Angamos, Chile (Elder Said)

Way Better

So to make a short story from what has happened this week all I have to say is a repeat of something that happened last week. Hamblin is now living with me and it is so much better then it was. So much better! First off Said has chilled out quite a bit and really enjoys chilling with Sunderland and Hamblin, and Hamblin is one of my best friends. It has been a very fun week here in the pension and also just in general.

This Saturday the ward had their 18 of September party and it was really fun. There was an incredible amount of food and it was so good. They had a bunch of classic Chilean games and they had a lot of traditional Chilean dancing. We were there just about all day but it was so much fun and pretty much the entire ward was there so it was a really good day. I ate so much especially on Sunday when we had tacos with a member family. So much food, but soooooooo good. Really good time.

We have been able to find some good investigators but the work is still slow here in Angamos but it is picking up . . . slowly but surely. All of our investigators told us that they will not be able to meet with us at all this week because of the patriotic festivals. Independence day in Chile is a weeklong festival and President today basically told us that if we cannot really work this week that is fine. So it will be an interesting week.

(From what I have seen online Chile literally shuts down for an entire week to have a party. They go all out. Think of a large July 4th party that would go on for a week straight. I hear it is quite something to experience. We will just miss it because as of Monday [23rd] Gunnar will have one year left on his mission; so we will be showing up just as it ends.)

Very interesting about **. One of the missionaries in the mission is Elder Brent Packard and his parents are the mission presidents of that mission. Also on of my good friends, Elder Kyle Vallace, is from New Hampshire and his ward is in that mission as well. Good for him.

(One of Gunnar’s friends had a false start on his mission and had to come home to regroup for a while. Well he was reassigned and just flew out to his new mission this morning)

Not a whole lot to say this week. Just that everything is better than it was last week. WAY Better! I also got an email from my RA from school congratulating me on my decision that he read in my email so that is cool. I should be on for a little bit longer so if you have any questions. I do not know how to yo-yo, going to learn. Still have not gotten any more packages . . .

Love You Guys,

Elder Peters
(Happy again!)

Pictures courtesy of Sister Catron's blog

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